The BioPhoton is an effective and simple to use cold plasma gas-tube lymphatic stimulation and lymphatic drainage modality. Utilizing a combination of photobiotic light, sound, oscilating radio-waves, harmonic frequencies, energy magnetics, subtle ultraviolet and infrared, along with mild ozone (O3) to aid the body's natural renewal, regeneration and healing process.




Leading the way in advanced natural treatments, therapies and modalities from around the world. RF Technologies now offers the amazing BioPhoton 4.0 and the all new BioPhoton 5.0, both an advanced, lymphatic stimulation and lymphatic drainage, plasma gas-tube technology, that is safe, extremely effective and very easy to use. For information on the BioPhoton download the booklet to the right. RF Technologies is now in our 16th year of research and success with the BioPhoton modality.

Alternative Medicine Magazine 2003

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BioPhoton 5.0 with carry case and 2 Basic Straight Plasma Tubes - $3200.00+S/H

BioPhoton 4.0 with carry case and 2 Basic Straight Plasma Tubes - $2800.00+S/H

6 Piece Plasma Tube Kit & carry case - $695.00+S/H Contains 1 Spiral Pyramid Tube, 1 L-Tube, 1 Y-Tube, 1 Triangle Massage Tube, 1 Regenerator Bulb and the new Eye Tube is also now included. A $980.00 value.


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Additional Massage and our latest Regenerator Gas-Bulb Plasma Tubes now included in the Tube Kit.

The all new Eye Tube with 6 gases...coming soon!



The BioPhoton 4.0 & 5.0 lymphatic stimulator is a private research technology! By the purchase of the BioPhoton 4.0 , or 5.0, user assumes all liability for its use and care. Use at your own risk! Light Enterprises & RF Technologies and/or it's associates assumes NO LIABILITY, nor can be held LIABLE for the misuse, or the results achieved or not achieved from the use of the BioPhoton 4.0, or 5.0, or any of our natural health products, technologies or modalities. The effectiveness of our products depends on your discipline to follow a strict health regiment, which includes proper nutrition, proper hydration, stress reduction and environmental control. The statements enclosed herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration or the AMA, (American Medical Association). The products mentioned on this/these web site page(s) or any of our web sites or associated web sites are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any health imbalance or disease (dis-ease) situation. Information and statements made are for educational purposes only and are not intended to replace the advice of a consciously educated "licensed" family doctor, or a consciously educated attorney "in" Law. We do not dispense medical or mental advice, prescribe, or diagnose any illness. By law we can only testify to what we have witnessed first hand, or experienced ourselves personally. No second, or third party testimonials allowed!

The BioPhoton 4.0 comes with two straight photon plasma gas-tubes, with a four gas mixture. (Argon, Xenon, Neon, Helium) Additional plasma tube-kit with variable shapes and gas mixtures available. The BioPhoton 5.0 comes with an added input port for customization of frequencies and/or sound amplification through speakers. The 6 pc. Tube-Kit (currently not available) comes with a Spiral Pyramid, Y-Shaped, L-Shaped, Triangle Massage and our latest Regenerator Bulb with a Xenon and Krypton mixture and the all new Eye Tube with a 6 gas mixture of Argon, Neon, Xenon, Helium, Krypton and Hydrogen. If taken care of properly the plasma gas-tubes will last lifetimes. The Power Transformer comes with a 90 day warranty and a one year manufactures workmanship warranty on the BioPhoton 4.0, or 5.0, with the option to purchase an additional one year parts and labor warranty for only $99.00. WARRANTY DOES NOT APPLY to the glass photon gas-tubes. Shipping & Handling is not included. Orders are shipped within 7-14 days upon the availability of funds for payment (ie: if payment is made by check, bank may put a hold on check for up to 10 days before funds are released). To avoid the possible 10 day check hold, send payment by wire transfer, direct deposit, money order or by credit card (Master Card, Visa, Discovery, American Express). 25% restocking fee on all returns.

*Each of our BioPhoton units are hand crafted, not factory made! Please allow 

up to 2 weeks for assembly and shipping confirmation!*

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